Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Important Weekends

Willow's First Paddling Race in Seat 2

Hi Gang, the next two weekends are probably the most important of the year to our club and I hope you'll all be able to participate in both.

This coming weekend we'll have the Regional Sprint Championships at Sliver Lake Park in Everett, same location as two weeks ago, but hosted by the PNW-ORCA association. There are races for all age groups and all ability levels. Last time we sent about 16 paddlers and most came back more sore from smiling so much than from paddling hard, though they did plenty of that.

Join in: it's the LAST sprint race of the year (because of the World Championship schedule) and once we shift into distance racing, there's less opportunity for kids to participate.
Of course, we'll always take them for a loop if they're there and want to paddle.

You must confirm your intention to race by end of Tuesday so I can get everyone registered. Send me the names and ages of ALL in your family who want to race. If you're unsure, sign up now and scratch out later. There will be no late entries. Send me names AND ages of all racers even if you think I have them. This saves registrars from having to check back to previous forms. ALSO: make a special note if you want to race the singles race.

July Parade!

Yes, we are marching with one of our Big Outriggers in the parade.
Yes, we need everyone in the club to march with us.
Yes, we'll be tossing out candy (and offering a few pineapple slices) to those along the route.
Yes, club members five and under will get a short turn riding in the canoe during the parade.
Yes, we'll be paddling back to the club from the port after the parade.
Yes, we'll be hosting a Potluck and Paddle at Jackson beach the next day (July 5 from 4-7) Yes, we'll put together some boating games and prizes.
Yes, we need all club members to bring food and family to the potluck.

Do we need you to join in all that?

Yes, absolutely.

Remember, this potluck is our best chance to show other Islanders what we have going and how much fun it is. Our club is new and needs to double in size to sustain the activities and grow in new directions.
The Parade and Potluck are a chance to get new members and also an opportunity to say thank you to the community (and especially the Port) for letting us use the Net Shed and Jackson Beach area. I'm hopeful EVERYONE will attend, bring goodies and tell your friends to come join the fun.

This week's schedule:

Tuesday 4pm under 10yrs
Tuesday 5pm adults

Thursday 4pm youth 10 and up
Thursday 5pm Adults

PLEASE, let me know what of this you'll attend and how many you'll bring. We'll have a food signup note come out next week for the Potluck but I need to get a Parade and Potluck count started so let me know if you know your plans. Much Mahalo - David

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