Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Canoe Journey - Friday's Visit

Amy had a great idea of making leis to give to our Canoe Visitors. Amy Wynn and Denyse Davis answered the call out to our club for spare blossoms! Thank you!!! (although Becky mitigated minor disappointment when she thought Denyse invited her over for "Chocolate Cosmos" - small misunderstanding!) Amy and Becky had a 2-woman lei party on Friday morning. Dan was sorry he missed out until they explained what actually took place!

We arrived back to Roche Harbor Friday evening with hot spaghetti and sauce, ready to feed a pack of, well, hungry paddlers, of course! We all took turns stirring pasta, keeping things warm while Dan and Craig watched. We worked well with our fellow Islanders from The Friends of the San Juans and really kept the dinner line moving. After dinner, we had our time to present our gifts and thanks to the steersmen of each of the 12 canoes. This was an experience our young club will embrace and carry forward: to look in the eyes of others who paddle. They paddle not for any other reason than because they were born to it. It is in them. It was an honor to have them accept our gifts and almost magical to share common ground with their traditions.

Our club thanks The Friends of the San Juans and especially Stephanie Buffum-Field for coordinating this event and inviting us to take part!

"Wait, is it boat or canoe?"

"...boatsImeanCANOES!!!" (Man, Seaton got schooled!)

The kids give the leis
Ooops, a flower fell off

Tyler Davis gives out a lei

Jordan Davis gives out a lei, too

Margie Patrick "leis one on" to Stephanie Buffum-Field of Friends

Ian Volk, Orion Seaton and Tyler Davis share the 'aloha' spirit
A pineapple for good luck

Puget Sound North gets to paddle!
(Abe Lincoln snagged us our 'invite'!)

"You guys are PULLERS! We'd already be there by now!"

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