Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend at Shaw photos by Denyse Davis

We need pictures to go with the update about Shaw! Anyone with pictures to share (Liz!) are invited to email them to Amy or Becky. We'll post them on the blog. Blackmail photos are always welcome.
"Wow, despite the rain, the Round Shaw Race Weekend was terrific. Those who missed it should INK it into their schedules for next year. We had a beautiful downwind paddle over to Shaw on Friday, much thanks owed to those not racing who helped us paddle over and back (of course, it was a pretty fun run with a few "surf's up!" opportunities.) The race itself was brilliantly done by Denyse, Jose, Dan, Steve (from the mainland club), Kenny, all taking me along for a smooth, determined ride with steady power all the way . . . and setting a course record for OC-6! Some may note with cynicism that this was the only OC-6 ever to run the course, and while that is true, the time was nonetheless impressive: 1 hour and 57 minutes.
While we were warming up, one of the faster kayakers shouted out that it would sure be impressive if we could keep that "warmup" pace up for the whole race. And so we did. Great GREAT job, everyone. Ongoing potlucks, campfire laughter and a weekend where Ivan didn't bite anyone made the event a perfect one. Thanks all - David"

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