Monday, September 29, 2008

Salmon Row and Paddle V-12 (photos by Peter Dederich)

"Uh oh! Uncle Butch, we're short one paddler!"
"Trevor, do you want in?"
"Okay...Connor, you want in?" Connor is standing under his father Peter who is snapping this picture at the very moment we all turn to see whether he'll say yes.
"Who, ME?????"

Ok, folks. Let's get in. We're outa' time. This is Sound Rowers, by God, and we know how to start a race on time!!! (Guess who said that...yes, it was Steve Bennett.)

Martha: "What do you want me to do?"
Whole team in unison: "STEER!"
(Notice her brave child Connor Dederich seizing the opportunity to be the youngest San Juan Islander to paddle a distance race.)

Around Lake Samish and here we come! Finish!
L to R: Dan Seaton, Christine Davis, Denyse Davis, Sandy Kuala, Amy Harold, Bonnie Stanger, Steve Bennett, Becky Volk, Connor Dederich, Butch Calivo, Martha Isbister, and Hal Lavinsky, all ready to eat the delicious Salmon BBQ!! If you could only see Becky's face--she was SOOO happy!! We all were.

PS. Budd Inlet pictures are here. Congratulations to David Halpern and Dan Seaton for finishing 1st and 2nd!!

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