Friday, February 13, 2009

Becky's Hawai'i High

I hope the rest of you get well soon! I WAS feeling the crud this week; it's amazing what 85 degrees and a mai tai by the pool can do for a 'cold'. But if it's any consolation, you all may still do more paddling in the next 10 days than I will! "Ho hum, just another sh*tty day in paradise..."
So far, we've been lucky to find wireless hot spots, I can check my mail!
Today we took the Saddle Road to Hilo, visited the Mauna Loa Mac Nut Factory, went to a small zoo (What??!!? No Halpern Flip-books?) and saw a white Bengal tiger and some other beautiful animals, then went to Kilauea Crater and saw some steam vents. Then, we had just about the best Thai food EVER, here in Volcano Village! Tomorrow, we're going to soak up as much info as we can at the Visitor center and hike our little hearts out.
It doesn't look hopeful to get to see active lava flow, but, if I think of a suitable offering to Madame Pele then maybe she'll concede (just a
little!) Thai food again for dinner tomorrow. We'll try the "Thai Hot"
curry, then go try and find the lava glowing somewhere in the evening.
Ohhh, maybe the Red Curry for Pele? Happy Valentine's Day!

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