Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paddle Tattle

You know it's gonna be a good paddle when Jose wears his Blue's Clues sleeve. No better omen than that. But my heart was already sky high from seeing Bonnie's bright white convertible pull up next to the net shed. She hobbled out and hugged us, letting us know it will be very, very soon when she can get back in the boat. Only a broken kneecap would keep her out. We stood around, warming up, when suddenly someone staked a claim as to what actually defines art, at which half of us circled closer and the other half stared patiently at the empty canoe waiting for us to get on with it.

Two old friends from Halpern's distinguished background paddled alongside us: Steve Bennett from Sound Rowers and Traci Cole from Women on Waves (WOW). I don't know much, but I do know that someday I wanna look that relaxed on the water. Traci paddled back and forth between boats for two hours, covering well over 8 miles looking more fluid and blissed out than an expert frosting a cake.

We turned left into the sun and it was so bright we had to paddle with our eyes shut. We're good at that; just ask Jane. We had to stop the boat to peel layers, that's how warm it was. Dan set a beautiful pace, steady enough to meditate by. Martha managed to schedule a board meeting in 2 minutes, something that usually takes 2 weeks of emails to accomplish. Ivan kept us safe from airplanes, pointing his nose from side to side, switching on the hut.

Becky's shoulder's almost better. She thinks of us every time she lifts a spoon. Denyse is coming back. Where's Rick? I haven't even seen him at the thrift store...

How about YOU? Where are you? If you're out there, wondering when to get back into the paddling groove...we miss you, too.

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