Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hui Wa'a O Puget Sound on Lopez Island

Thanks to Carla McDiarmid for taking the photo, to Jose for sending it, and to Carley Lamb for putting names and faces together. Left to right: Becky Volk, Carley Lamb, Carl, Jose' Domenech, Dan Seaton, Steven Pauelua, Lori Miyasaki, Vance Hashimoto. Bottom row: Amy Harold, Huy Diec is in the white shirt, Chris Lanueve, Nani Haia, Jenny Cheng. Just outside the picture climbing trees, eating cookies, chasing dogs, pitching tents, or actually paddling: Uncles Butch Calivo and David Halpern, Bonnie Stanger, Ben Goodman, Joanna De Pree, John Pachuta, Steve Bennett and our ohana chase crew.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

first women's boat of the decade

Becky Volk, Karrie Cooper and Shannon Calverly gearing up

Martha (fearless captain) Isbister, Joanna Depree, Shannon and Wilbur sporting latest in PFDs--what a good mom he has!

green-gloved hug

(because my battery ran out) our illustrious escort not pictured: Dan Seaton in his single, Jose' Domenech and Rick Exstrom in the double, and David Halpern in his almost fast kayak