Monday, May 10, 2010

Repairing the Outriggers

This is our beloved Wailani after many days of work. You can see she is sanded down and drapes are hung not just for her modesty in such nude conditon, but to prepare her for her new spray coat. Before that she had her various blemishes plugged with carefully brewed compounds, and before that she was derigged and hauled on a big red truck all the way across the island.

Jose's tenderness transmutes her indignance into relaxed pleasure...
...then gleeful anticipation regarding her shiny destiny.

Becky inspects the texture of her battle scars.

Really. Ask Becky Volk and Jose Domenech how many hours they put into this project.

The red turned out so bright, brighter than any of us had expected!! You can't see it here because Becky and Clay Warner are covering it with newspaper in preparation for the yellow.

Joanna De Pree and Dan Seaton are painting sunshine into the gunwales.

Halpern and Seaton breathing fumes.

Becky Volk inspiring us onward.

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